SS30-4 Days Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro & Tangire - Camping

The fierce sun sucks the moisture from the landscape, baking the earth a dusty red, the withered grass as brittle as straw. The Tarangire River has shrivelled to a shadow of its wet season self. But it is choked with wildlife. Thirsty nomads have wandered hundreds of parched kilometres knowing that here, always, there is water.

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SS29-3 Days Ngorongoro and L.Manyara - Camping

The jewel in Ngorongoro's crown is a deep, volcanic crater, the largest un flooded and unbroken caldera in the world. About 20kms across, 600 meters deep and 300 sq kms in area, the Ngorongoro Crater is a breathtaking natural wonder.

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SS28-3 Days Ngorongoro crater - Camping

This safari takes you through Mto wa mbu via Arusha to this crater which is Africa's best-known wildlife viewing areas and also one of the largest calderas in the world. Within its walls are a variety of animals and vegetation.,including grasslands,swamps,forests,salt pans and freshwater lake.You are likely to see lion,elephants,rhino,buffalo and many plain herbivores such as wilderbeeste,Thompson gazelle, reedbuck as well as thousands of flamingoes wading in the shallow waters of L.Magadi,the soda lake at the crater's base.Not far, you can visit the Olduvai Gorge a canyon 50km long and 90m deep.Thanks to its geographical history,it is famous due to volcanic deposits laid down in orderly sequence over a period of almost 2 million years that lead to the discovery of a fossil 1.8 million year old ape-like skull known as Australopithecus Boisei (Zinjanthropus)discovered in 1959 by Mar Leakey.

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